Data Mining Technologies Inc. knows that each one of our customer’s needs solutions for their specific industry.  We analyze your needs, and determine what can best improve your bottom line. The following are some of the industries that we support. Our technology is also applicable to many other businesses and scientific projects. Please contact us for more detail.


Nuggets can be used by payers to determine and set healthcare best practices so as to provide excellent patient care while controlling costs. Our methodology can deal with more variables than other methods and allows for physicians to understand model generated recommendations so they can still be a key part of the process. Other uses include identifying: high risk of re-admission, undiagnosed diabetes, morbidity propensity and many others.

Medical Informatics

This exciting new area is where new discoveries will lead to the better understanding of diseases and help to discover more accurate diagnoses and personalized treatments. Our applications focus on genomics, bioinformatics, drug discovery, and other related fields of research.

Website Personalization

So you got your customer to your site – now how can you increase the conversion rate, reduce bounce out and/or get them to join your loyalty or affinity group. You can now offer the site visitor more attractive options which lead to increased sales

Personalized Targeted email

Offer targeted email with attractive offers that increase sales. Recommend the best offer – customer by customer.

Debt Collection

How can you get the most return on your collection efforts? We can help you concentrate your collection efforts on those debts that offer the highest return on your most expensive resource – human effort. Which dunning letters work best? Each debt has different characteristics and thus needs a personalized approach to the communication you engage in with them. What is the expected value of each debt?

Direct Marketing

DMT provides several types of modeling services:

  • Prospect Segmentation Modeling. This method can identify the characteristics of groups of prospects and is called called "supervised" clustering
  • Prospecting for new customers
  • Assessing future value of existing
  • Finding high value new customers
  • Maximizing return from loyalty programs
  • Bringing old customers back
  • Reducing customer churn

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