Data Mining Technologies Inc. (DMT), provides knowledge management and decision support software and services for data warehouse/business intelligence applications pertaining to Internet e-commerce and direct marketing, healthcare, and financial services. Clearly, the communication between senior managers and methodologists (quantitative academics) has historically been less than perfect. DMT’s introduction of Nuggets technology provides a truly user-friendly software solution for setting up and implementing these projects. Now virtually any process with history in the form of data files can be analyzed, understood, and improved by using our data mining methods. DMT’s proprietary technology automatically finds patterns and subtle relationships in data and infers rules that allow the prediction of future results and has clear advantages over competing technologies. Nuggets, DMT’s primary information technology (IT) product, incorporates state-of-the-art proprietary computer algorithms which can powerfully search potentially vast amounts of data for patterns in the form of rules and generalizations that are stated in understandable English, as opposed to arcane mathematical formulas. Non-technical decision-makers use these rules for various mission critical purposes, such as increasing top line revenue, managing unit costs, developing niche-specific marketing campaigns, analyzing medical data, evaluating insurance underwriting risk, and much more